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   From Targ.BG

    This reference is to list in detail the stages we underwent through with Extensa Web Development Ltd during the work on our project. We would like to emphasize on the company’s efficiency and professional attitude.
1. First meeting: discussion of the project and its aims. We received understanding and communication was much easier than expected.
2. Communication continued via e-mail to clarify the project and its parameters.
3. Second meeting: We signed an agreement and received a detailed outline of the project. We were pleased with the information presented in the outline and the manner in which it had been written.
4. Three days after signing an agreement, we received design options and we immediately selected one. We required slight corrections only.
5. We met for the third time 10 days after signing the agreement. We clarified the details and added functionalities apart from the ones listed in the agreement and were ready to accept our new website. The overall execution of the project took two months.

    We are listing our impressions to help you learn more about the company and the process that led to the creation of www.targ.bg
The site has complex structure that focuses on its specific goal. The competence of Extensa Web Development has enabled to give our website visitors the best.
    The selection of Extensa for project execution resulted in an excellent website with various functionalities and expansion options. The team is strongly motivated and did its best to facilitate the work process.
    We are honestly thankful for the chance to work with the enthusiastic and professional Extensa Web Development team.
    A mention about the administrative panel we received: we were able to start using it only after slight clarification of its options. Practically, we received a unique and extremely functional administrative panel.

Wishing you success on future projects!

                                Manager: Georgi Palpourin