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Magento audit

If you are in this state when you have some issues with the store but you are not able to check what is it - we have a solution for you.

Either if it is offboarding, the store has not been supported yet, or there were some issues with the last Magento agency you have partnered with. In cases like this, it is useful to see a 360-degree view of your online business. To be aware of it is vulnerabilities. It is critical for one business to know it's strengths and weaknesses and to work in terms of improvement. Our experienced technical team can analyze and audit your Magento online store and prepare a report including the current situation and what could be done or configured better.

Here is a list of common issues in Magento stores:

  • Low speed of front-end or back-end
  • Magento error messages
  • Crashes during traffic spikes
  • Redirect problems
  • Product or category listing issues
  • Caching issues
  • Excessive maintenance costs
  • Troubles when adding new features
  • Indexing problems
  • Checkout problems
  • Is the code compliant with the Magento coding standards?
  • Has the Magento core been modified? 
  • Have third-party extensions been installed and do they work properly?
  • Have custom extensions been developed and do they work properly?
  • Are there any unused extensions?
  • Are there any custom JavaScripts?
  • Have the latest security patches been applied?

Here is a list of what includes the Magento audit:

  • Magento core integrity analysis
  • Security and patches analysis
  • Database integrity analysis
  • 3rd party extensions analysis
  • Infrastructure analysis
  • Performance review
  • Magento theme checkup

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