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About us

Who we are?

Extensa Web Development Ltd is a company that develops for its clients modern and intuitive websites and applications. These products present each client as an innovative thinker following the latest business development trends. Furthermore, our products help our clients establish themselves as serious and noteworthy competitors in their specific sector of operation.

    Our main aim is to work on high-quality products and services. We understand that simple web presence is insufficient. A company needs to stand out online in order to be recognized. This is the logic we follow to help our clients increase their popularity, business partnerships and at the end of the day – their revenue.

    Extensa Web Development’s main priority is to satisfy the wishes of clients and to meet their high expectations. We can honestly say that no client has ever complained after working with us. We will do everything to continue this trend in the future.

More info about Extensa

Our main effort and mission is to create and develop modern, technically sound and quality products and services, which can be useful to you, our customers and business partners. We know well how important it is for every company not only to be web present but to be significantly and distinctively web present which will contribute to its good image and help it attract new customers, establish successful partnerships and increase its sales. This is our way to help you increase your popularity, the number of your customers and your profits. We strive to offer you the best solutions, to fulfil all your desires and to meet your high requirements.

When developing a project our team follows strictly an established action plan, as well as our internal control and quality procedures in order to always achieve the best results. The creation and the development of a web project is a consistent and continuous process, which requires sequentially going through each of its phases. Take a look at the main and the additional stages we are going through together, after we start your project.

1. Offer and contract
        1.1    Studying the customer’s requirements
        1.2    Analysing the assignment
        1.3    Preparing and submitting an offer
        1.4    Preparing and signing a works contract
        1.5    Advance payment

    2. Design
        2.1    Discussing site map and mock-ups (project’s sketches)
        2.2    Developing site map and mock-ups
        2.3    Final specification of the site map and mock-ups
        2.4    Developing a preliminary graphic design
        2.5    Clarification and correction of the graphic design
        2.6    Developing a final graphic design

    3. Development
        3.1    Developing static XHTML/CSS pages
        3.2    Configuring the technological environment
        3.3    Design and creation of a database
        3.4    Developing the public part
        3.5    Developing the administrative part
        3.6    Data migration from an existing site (if there is one)
        3.7    Entering information, provided by the customer (if there is such information)

    4. Quality control (QA)
        4.1    Revising the programming code
        4.2    Testing, load (simulation)
        4.3    Troubleshooting (bug fixing)

    5. Start
        5.1    Server configuration (host)
        5.2    Test launch of the project (betaversion)
        5.3    Final changes and settings
        5.4    Preparing documentation
        5.5    Staff training
        5.6    Official launch of the project

    6. Final stage
        6.1    Final payment
        6.2    Warranty support
        6.3    Post-warranty support

Extensa Web Developments Ltd.’s team has an extensive view over all modern technologies for web design and development, as well as a longstanding experience and knowledge in relation to the following technologies and platforms:


  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • CSS
  • AJAX
  • JavaScript
  • XML
  • YAML
  • Flash
  • ActionScript
  • JSP/Servlets
  • JSF
  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • PrestaShop
  • WooCommerce
  • WordPress

In developing each of our products we approach individually  and select and apply the most suitable technologies for solving each problem. We keep to the  W3C consortium web standards and apply the best and time-tested  programming practices.


Our team consists of persons who dedicate their efforts to providing a professional approach and responsibility to each project. We are happy that part of our team are young qualified and internationally certified professionals in the field of web development. We, at Extensa Web Development Ltd know how important trust and honesty are for the relationship with our customers and business partners. We all work together and cooperate, we use our creativity and originality in order to bring to life the project we develop for you.


В екипа на компанията работят професионалисти с дългогодишен опит и доказана квалификация, притежаващи междуранодно признати сертификати – Magento Certified Developer и Zend Certified PHP Engineer. „Екстенза“ е тясно специализирана в разработката и поддръжката на проекти базирани на системата Magento и към момента е компанията, лидер в България, с най-голям брой сертифицирани специалисти в екипа си.
Magento Business                    

Our start

In 2009 we started with a small team of young professionals with several years of experience in the field of web technologies. We were determined to build a company characterized by high-quality and real professionalism. That’s how we established extensa .


Investment in knowledge

In 2011 we launched an internship program where we give creative and talented young people the opportunity to enter the field of web development, web standards and good practices. The internship programs continue to this day and are an excellent start for the future IT professionals, part of which have become part of extensa’s team.


Earning trust and building a reputation

Our work has brought us many challenging and interesting projects, as well as many new clients, among which are Econt Express, Presa Newspaper, Tema Daily, B2B Magazine Progressive, the web portal Targ.bg, etc. In order to strengthen their trust, we decided to certify ourselves so that our customers can be sure in our knowledge and experience.


Qualification and certification

We are proud to say that at our firm work qualified professionals with longstanding experience and knowledge. In order to strengthen our reputation for good professionals - some of our colleagues are being intensively trained and passed their exams for various certificates. Thus our customers can be sure that their projects are handled qualitatively and professionally.


Certified Magento team

We managed to increase the number of our highly qualified specialists so we can meet the higher interest towards our services. Due to our high performance, some of the modules we had developed achieved a great number of sales.


Growing the Bulgarian Magento community

In 2019, our plan is to focus more on the Bulgarian Magento community. We are aiming to create more educational content, organize a couple of events and start a Magento development training course. Also, we are looking to expand our consultant team, so we can provide them high-level expertise in their individual cases and help them to reach their business goals.


Our team expanded

Soon our diligent and high-quality work brought us many new projects and clients, which led to the expansion of our team, so more experienced professionals joined extensa . We managed to develop some great partnerships this year.


Without borders

Within three years we have managed to prove our professionalism and high-level work, which attracted clients from abroad. We have started working with customers and partners from Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, USA, Canada and other, with whom we work with joy till this day.


Focus on modules & extensions

We focused our efforts on closer cooperation with the largest companies in Bulgaria, offering delivery services - Econt, Speedy and Rapido Together we developed the official delivery extensions, which are provided free and are installed in online stores developed on Magento, OpenCart and PrestaShop. We also created and developed extensions for online payments via BORIKA, ePay, EasyPay, FIB, DSK, UBB, GiroPay etc.


Expanding our services

We, at extensa strive for continuous development and improvement of our team, knowledge, used technologies and methods, in order to meet the high requirements of our customers. In 2016 we focused on the development of our own extensions and started our work on a new innovative web-based software.


The first Bulgarian Magento solution partner

As we are the Bulgarian leader by officially Magento certified developers, obviously, the next step was to become the first Bulgarian agency to partner with Magento. This wasn't the easiest thing to do after Adobe acquisition of Magento, but we managed to cover all the criteria and from the end of 2018 - we are the official partner of Magento in Bulgaria.