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Magento support & maintenance

Ensure that your Magento store is updated, secure, optimized & running smoothly. Subscribe for monthly hourly packages based on your needs and our team will maintain the technical part of your online business.

Our enormous experience in Magento custom development and complex integrations gave us the confidence and the skills to resolve any issue which reflects negatively on your sales & profit.

What basically includes monthly support:

  • Fixing programming defects of the site functionalities.
  • Fixing cosmetic defects on the visual end of the site.
  • Timely update of system and modules developed and supported by third parties up to their latest versions.
  • Developing additional functionalities based on customer requirements.
  • Changes in the structure and design based on customer requirements.
  • Weekly backup of the database information.
  • Database restores from a backup copy if needed.
  • 24/7 siteĀ supervising by an automatic system for monitoring of the website availability and alerts if your website is down.
  • Monthly system monitoring and analysis of the server log files, aiming to find potential problems, hacker attempts, etc.
  • Adding and correction information.
  • Supporting problems related to adding or editing web site content.
  • Support communication with third parties for solving problems (hosting providers, software developers etc,).
  • Consulting with our specialists for issues related to the website.
  • Priority support over the clients without a support contract.
  • Other activities related to the providing of the normal functioning of the website.

Based on the customer preferences we can provide technical and website development consulting. All of our recommendations and suggestions are based on more than 9 years in eCommerce.and all of the best practices our developers are working on every day.

For more information send us an email through ourĀ contact form or at info@extensadev.com