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Frequently Asked Questions

You can obtain additional information for the main Frequently Asked Questions, related to the web page development for your business. If you request additional information that has not been answered in that section, don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Why do I need a website?

    Each company, which aims to increase its market and number of clients, needs a sensible web presence. The website can serve various purposes. It can be your store or office, working 24/7 and allowing your clients to order goods and services. It can be a modern and attractive place where clients will learn more about you and your activities. All these options will certainly increase your popularity, clients and in the end of the day – sales.

  • How will the development of a website aid my business?

    A website having a diverse set of functionalities and a stylish design is a serious advantage over your competitors. Your stylish and professional web presence will help you form an image of a competent company, which understands contemporary trends and uses new technologies to promote its goods and services. The website can be developed in several languages, helping you create international contacts and get access to limitless opportunities.

    It all depends on your specific needs. Extensa Web Development aims to fully understand what its clients require. This will help us develop a successful website, taking into consideration all your recommendations.

  • How much does the development of a website cost?

    Each website project is quite specific and unique. The website is created taking into consideration your needs. Functionalities and the complexity of the project depend on your requirements. Presenting a specific price will be misleading and unrealistic.

    Our team will always gladly discuss with you ideas and your demands. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us. Please visit the Contact Us section of the website.

  • I want a website. What do I need to do?

    By asking this question you have already made the first step towards the creation of your website. The next step is scheduling a meeting with us, whenever appropriate. We will discuss the web solution that will best suit your needs. Before meeting us, you can think about your website’s concept, the content you would like to have and the goal that you want to accomplish. After we discuss all these aspects of the process, we will prepare an offer, in which you will find detailed information about the development stages, the prices, terms of execution, etc. You will get the chance to examine the offer and to decide whether it needs to be changed. We will modify it and after receiving your approval, we will sign an agreement. This is when website development starts. We will keep in touch with you during project execution. The final stage of the process is testing the website and receiving your final approval. At this stage, your website is ready to start functioning.

  • What is needed for the development of a website?

    You will have to decide what type and volume of information you would like to have included in your website. The content could be in the form of text or multimedia. What we need when we start working on your project is a company logo, contact information, the texts that you want to present online and pictures.

  • How do I update my website’s content?

    Extensa Web Development creates dynamic websites that have a Content Management System (CMS, also known as administrative panel). This system allows you to easily update the content of your website. It is developed to be easy to use and fast. A CMS system enables people who lack technical knowledge to update and modify the content of a website. Dynamic websites are a bigger investment than static ones (websites that feature the same information, no updating planned) but are worth it, since they enable you to add new content without having to ask for professional help. If you wish to refrain from having a CMS, Extensa Web Development will update the website, after you provide us with the materials needed.

  • Is the development process important?

    Many people believe that if a website looks good, it has been developed professionally. This claim is incorrect. If a website is developed without the usage of contemporary technologies and methods, if it fails complying to programming standards and practices, it can demand serious maintenance expenditure.

    Extensa Web Development strives to accomplish all its project professionally. It is important for a website to look good but the manner in which it has been developed is of major importance, as well.  To gain leadership positions in the online world, you need a website that is perfect in every way. A website lacking modern design will never gain the interest of visitors. A website that lacks intuitive interface and navigation will be difficult to use. We will develop a website that is entirely corresponding to your needs and to the needs of your clients. It will serve all of the initially drafted purposes and will bring you benefits. We believe that a professionally-created website is needed for a company’s success. We develop websites that we are proud of. It is up to you to stand out of the crowd or to simply be yet another person having a mediocre web presence.

  • Why should I choose Extensa Web Development?

    We can give you various arguments to answer this question. Yet, we prefer our clients and partners to speak about that. We believe that our clients can tell you much more about working with Extensa Web Development than we can. Their opinions can be discovered in the References section of the website. You can decide for yourself which web development company to use and what goals to accomplish. We will be glad to meet you and we can guarantee that you will get professional attitude and attention. Give us one hour of your time and trust us – this time will be sufficient to help you decide about working with us.